eLC named Top 10 DSTA/MINDEF Vendor for total contract between S$0.5M to S$3M

26th March 2004

eLC, a leading eLearning service provider in Singapore with core competencies in customised eLearning content development and solutions to enable organisations to develop and deploy their own "e" content, has been listed by DSTA for a Top 10 DSTA/MINDEF vendor for total contract between S$0.5M to S$3M during their annual Brief on Corporate IT to industry (2004).

"MINDEF is a fore-runner with regards to the use of information technology for learning and development," reported William Chua, Co-CEO of eLC. "We have worked with MINDEF since their SPOT-ON days, and are happy to be involved in their new "e" enablement initivates as well."

Benson Soong, Co-CEO and CLO of eLC, adds: "MINDEF pushes the envelop and working on MINDEF eLearning projects always requires us to think beyond the immediate frontier, hence keeping us at the sharp and current. In fact, many of our corporate "e" enablement solutions are derived from our solutions for MINDEF. We look forward to being more involved with MINDEF in the years to come."

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