eLearning Consultants Pte Ltd (eLC´s) is a Principal Sponsor for Army Open House 2004

15th September 2004


eLC participated in this year Army Open House 2004 as one of the Principal Sponsors. This year Army Open House 2004 is the biggest covering about 20 soccer field size and attracted about 125,000 crowd. It is also the first time that the Army Open House stretches into the night hours.

eLC helps to produce all the safety videos for the Military Rides, Live Firing Safari, Army Interactive World, etc for the public to view and comprehend prior to participating in these events. eLC was also involved in producing the promotional video for the road show at HDB Hub as well as the 1000 momentos CDs that was given to all Sponsors and Participants.

"The safety videos help the public to observe the safety guidelines when riding on the military vehicles" says SWO Tay Song Kuee, OIC of Military Rides.

For the 3G transformation segment, eLC was engaged to produce a 3D interactive game and the opening video animation. This segment requires the close co-operation of the eLC´s graphic design team and the organiser of the 3G Transformation as the timeline was tight.

"The most memorable thing for me is getting it from scratch until what you are seeing now, as you see around you today. To me that was quite a miracle." quoted LTC Jason Lim, OIC 3G Transformation.

Added William Chua, Co-CEO, "Though eLC were given a tough challenged to complete 15 safety videos and a promotional video besides the 3G transformation game and animation, we undertook it with pride and enthusiasm as part of our National Service to the Nation".

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