eLC Retreat@Bintan (17-19 September)

20th September 2004

eLC, a leading eLearning service provider in Singapore with core competencies in customised eLearning content development and solutions to enable organisations to develop and deploy their own "e" content, celebrated its one-year old birthday with a Retreat at Bintan for all staff and their spouse.

The celebration lasted 3 days, and activities included a BBQ, Kelong dinner, a healthy dose of sports activities (mahjong included :)), and a presentation of the "eLC Journey by co-founders and Co-CEOs, William & Benson.

"It was really good to reminisce the old days," said Ryan Foo, Graphics Consultant. "eLC is a company with a colourful history, and having worked for over 2 years with William and Benson in SCS (our previous company), I felt that the sharing of the eLC journey helps in building culture, especially among the newer staff."

"There is no doubt that eLC has been through a lot during her first year," added Ang Gey Wee, Senior Consultant. "I´m glad that we came out of it bigger and stronger, ready to take on more projects."

William Chua, Co-CEO, summarises it best when he said: "eLC is not about Benson or myself. It is about all of us having a common goal and working towards it, guided by our core values. May this be the first of many more good years to come!"



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