eLearning Consultants Pte Ltd (eLC´s) eContent Authoring Course appraisal by the Defence Science & Technology Agency (DSTA)

5th April 2005

eLC, a leading eLearning service provider in Singapore with core competencies in customised eLearning content development and solutions to enable organisations to develop and deploy their own "e" content, has completed the first run of their NICC-accredited eContent Authoring Course (eCAC) for Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), and gained the positive appraisal of the Defence Science & Technology Agency (DSTA), during the SALT conference held on 16 February, 2005 in Orlando, FL.

Mr Kendrick Lee, Programme Manager, DSTA reported that results from eCAC are promising as 80% of the target set were achieved. It is in line with DSTA initiatives of empowering the end-users with the most appropriate authoring tool to repurpose their existing resources.

Ms Lee Jing Xian, Associate Engineer, DSTA, emphasized that Lectora emerged the top authoring tool based on DSTA tool selection criteria, with importance placed on user-friendliness interface, HTML-based output, and wizard-driven templates, to ease the learning curves of the end-users. She also reported that eLC provided hand-holding to all the participants in eCAC throughout the 9 months period in the form of face-to-face mentoring sessions, which the users´ survey concluded to be very important in their learning journey.

Excerpts from the Paper DSTA presented to SALT:

  • 83% of the participants found the mentoring sessions (conducted by eLC consultants) helpful in achieving the targets.
  • 72.7% found the duration of each session adequate.
  • More than 90% of the participants also found the eLC´s consultants to be knowledgeable and competent.
  • Mr Kendrick Lee went on to top up the positive quotient, "In terms of cost, we found that by producing 3 titles, the dollar value of that was 4 times the dollar value of what we spent on buying the software with the mentoring and training."

    Click on the links below for video snippets of the DSTA presentation at SALT:

  • eLC are partners with DSTA
  • Lectora selected based on tool selection criteria
  • eLC hand-holding the participants of eCAC
  • Results of Survey
  • Deliverables are 4 times the value of software and training package
  • DSTA collaboration with eLC
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