eLC Sends Staffs to Sanako for in-depth Product Support and Technical Training

24th June 2005

eLC Senior Technical Consultant Chai Hon Shang, Technical Consultant Jinnie Ong and Multimedia Programmer Pierre have attended an intense two days course on product support and technical training on the entire range of Sanako´s products. The course is conducted at Sanako Headquarter, which is located at Turku, Finland.

"Not one, not two but three! Yes, the company strongly believe that Sanako´s product will help to shape the training in future, and also to ensure that our first ´Sanako´s Lab-300 Language Lab´ sale to NTU (Nanyang Technological University) will comes with the best service." said Chai, eLC Senior Technical Consultant.

"I gain a lot of knowledge from Sanako´s Technical Support and Product Training course; it definitely gives me a better understanding on the range of Sanako products. This is a wonderful experience for me, Sanako trainers are also very helpful and friendly." said Jinnie Ong, eLC Technical Consultant.

"Travelling almost 20 hours by plane and coach while having a fever isn´t much fun, but the trip to the Sanako´s headquarters in Turku, Finland was worth it. We got to see first hand their production facility, and I was surprised to learn that for a company of only 50 personnel, they manufacture almost all the parts for their language lab systems themselves instead of outsourcing production. After the tour, we went through product training and got a better idea of Sanako’s product strategy. It wasn´t all work though, and we took some time to stroll along Turku´s shopping district and experience summer in Finland. After 2 days, it is back to work as usual." Said Pierre, eLC Multimedia Programmer.


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