eLC Retreat@Genting Highlands (7-9 October)

20th October 2005

eLC, a leading eLearning service provider in Singapore with core competencies in customised eLearning content development and solutions to enable organisations to develop and deploy their own "e" content, celebrated her 2nd anniversary with a Retreat at Genting Highlands this year for staff and their loved ones.

The celebration lasted 3 days and 2 nights, starting from 7AM on a Friday morning! We were entertained with movie selections such as "Mahjong Saint" and "Myth" that captured the attention of passengers aged 4 - 45. Other exciting activities included theme park rides, escalators trekking (those who recently visited Genting will know what we mean J), keeping sober challenges, 81-pieces KFC munchfest, sleep-endurance tests, a healthy dose of competitive sports (where the one with the most chips win), and last but not least, a presentation of eLC: The Journey So Far by co-founders and Co-CEOs, William & Benson.

"A trip down memory lane is always good for reflection," said Keith Koh, Senior Consultant. "eLC has come quite a way, and I feel that the sharing of eLC: The Journey So Far will benefit newer staff and set the right culture in place for us to achieve our next goal."

"Our 2nd year had its fair share of ups and downs, but all efforts put in were worth it at the end," added Ang Gey Wee, Senior Consultant. "We will strive to improve ourselves and the quality we provide our clients constantly."

"It was altogether a fun and fulfilling trip," quips Jinnie Ong, Technical Consultant. "It is a JIT (Just-In-Time) perk-me-up before the next wave of projects start."

William Chua, Co-CEO, summarises it best when he said: "eLC has always been about teamwork and strength as a whole. Our core values have held us in good stead, and may we continue to be valuable partners to our clients in achieving their organisational goals!"


The eLC Family (with their families!)


Benson & William, in a trial run for eLC´s pre-IPO conference

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