eLC Launches the LearningBOX™, the eLearning Solution for Schools

16th November 2005

eLC, a leading eLearning service provider in Singapore with core competencies in customized eLearning content development and solutions to enable organizations to develop and deploy their own "e" content, has launched their eLearning solution in answer to the eLearning needs of schools.

Branded as the LearningBOX™, it will allow schools to upload and host their own eLearning content and learning resources for access by the students, thereby promoting MOE´s vision of "Thinking School, Learning Nation", moulding the future generations and teachers to be a nation of thinkers by seeking challenges and innovations, instilling in them a spirit of continual learning.

The LearningBOX™ puts together a solution for schools which includes the server hardware, the software (MS Windows Server OS and Learning Management System) and 12 man-days of maintenance for the system, all for less than the one-time price (there are no recurring fees!) of less than S$10,000!

Benson Soong, Co-CEO & CLO, reported: "Through our extensive dealings with teachers from across the various schools, we see the need to provide schools with a low-cost, low-maintenance, high support, solution to enable all schools gain the benefits of eLearning. The LearningBOXâ„¢ is our answer to that need."

"The LearningBOX™ is our solution for the schools, which combines both the hardware and software aspects for eLearning management. Bundled with our professional services (such as training on how to create "e" content), schools can be ensure their investments in eLearning initiatives would significant reap benefits," added William Chua, Co-CEO.

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