eLC and Tronic International Signs Letter of Exclusivity for the PMG Quadpad

3rd Janurary 2006

eLC, a leading eLearning solutions provider in Singapore with core competencies in customized eLearning content development and solutions to enable organizations to develop and deploy their own "e" content, has recently signed a Letter of Exclusivity with Tronic International PL. With this agreement, eLC will be Tronic´s exclusive distribution partner for Tronic´s PMG Quadpad for the Singapore Ministry of Defence.

The PMG Quadpad is a portable mobile gadget, smaller in weight and size as compared to a typical textbook, but possessing the full features of a laptop running Microsoft Windows XP (because it really is a small "laptop" running XP!).

The PMG Quadpad is designed as a total lifestyle product serving mobile entertainment, communications, and computing needs in one go. Unique in design, PMG Quadpad is a hybrid version of other portable mobile devices but with integrated multimedia functions that complements digital lifestyle users. With pen-writing recognition, virtual keyboard, video/audio features, USB ports, PCMCIA slots for GPRS/GPS/3G connectivity, built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, the PMG Quadpad can be used as a full function PC, e-book, MP3 player, wireless device, e-dictionary, PDA and more.

Due to its portable design, the PMG Quadpad can be carried around and away from the office or home with ease. Its most unique feature is its small touch screen size, which is only 8.4". This combined with its light weight adds to travel convenience. It also features a smart case that protects the screen and gives the appearance of a filofax organiser. The 360-degree rotating screen lets you work any way you want, whether left- or right-handed, or to create and view either portrait or landscape presentations.

With so many functions available at one affordable price, the PMG Quadpad is an innovative solution to many lifestyle needs that delivers exceptional value. A lifestyle accessory or necessity, the PMG Quadpad offers it all.

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