eLC Upgrades Video Filming Services with New Equipment

25th May 2006

eLC have been well-known in the eLearning market for a good track record of creating multiple highly interactive coursewares that engages the client and the trainees. Over our years of experience, our internal video crew has assisted the development team in producing high quality video that was introduced in the courseware as part of the learning methodology.

Beyond these capabilities, eLC Video Crew have also been engaged for lectures/training filming and post production. The recorded videos are edited, compress and stream for online application in Microsoft Producer where the user can view the Powerpoint presentation slides that synchronies with the video.

With our upgraded equipment in place, we believe we will be able to provide better quality videos for your needs.

Other Services includes:

  • Conference/Training/Lectures Recording
  • Instructional videos
  • Video production
  • Editing & Composition
  • Safety videos
  • Contact information:
    For enquiry please contact