BVR Training Session

6th February 2007

eLC, a leading elearning company in Singapore, is proud to send a team of programmers to Israel for simulation training, in partnership with BVR. The team set off in the wee hours on 6th February, and will be stationed there for a total of 3 months, before coming back to Singapore to service the clientele in the Asia Pacific region.

"This partnership will further expand the capabilities of eLC into the simulation world and keeping in line with our company vision of a one stop solution centre for the Training, Learning and Development business", quoted our Co-CEO, William Chua.

Of course, being eLCians, we have not forgotten how to have fun, even while at work. Below are some pictures of our programmers, deep in both training and having fun.


Some of our programmers with our partners from BVR


To buy or not to buy? That is the question...


Our team in deep focus during training