Lectora User Conference Las Vegas (24th - 26th April 2007)

24th April 2007


The 3rd Lectora User Conference has concluded in the colourful city of Las Vegas, stealing the glitter and attraction of the neon strips of Vegas and onto the packed conference halls.

This year´s event marks another successful exchange, drawing a crowd of international organisations, creating a list of "who´s who" in the international training and education industry, spanning over 12 different countries.

During this event, an already strong bond between eLC and Trivantis were strengthened, having being involved since the 1st User conference in 2005. Fruitful discussions and exchanges were made on the possibilities of harnessing Lectora´s 2007 enhancements coupled with effective instructional design methodologies.

This conference is simply Great! The exchange of user experiences and developer expertise has been fantastic!" said Eugene, eLC consultant.

Also, eLC was proud to launch the "You Can In 2 Days...using Lectora book - 2007 Edition" a follow up to the widely successful 1st edition launched in 2005. The reception of this online e-book on how to use Lectora has been phenomenal!


Drawing on the same spirit of the first edition with a hands-on, screen by screen led guide, the 2007 "You Can..." e-book edition continues to empower users of the book to be a Lectora skilled e-content author in 2 days!

"This book is great!" said Tim Loudermilk, Creator and Chief Software Architect of Lectora.

Naturally being in Vegas and among friends we "eLCians", did not forget to have fun amidst work!