eLC Retreat@Ho Chi Minh City

20th August 2007

eLC, a leading technology-enabled learning solutions provider in Singapore with core competencies in customised eLearning content development and solutions to enable organisations to develop and deploy their own "e" content, celebrated her four-year old birthday with a Retreat at Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) for all staff and their spouse.

The celebration lasted 3 days, and activities included whizzing through traffic (those who have been to Ho Chi Minh know what we mean!), a trip to the Cu Chi Tunnel, dinner at the swanky Ming Dynasty, and a visit to the Ben Tranh market to shop for local delights (we bought so much coffee that the shop owner actually thought we ran a coffee shop). Leisure activities aside, some 10 hours were spent on strategic business reviews and a presentation to all staff on how eLC (and her staff) has progressed over these four years.

"I always look forward to the Retreat as it is a time when I gain deeper insights into our strategic intentions, as well as new business endeavours," said Eugene Ng, Consultant, who learnt during the Retreat that he would be promoted to Senior Consultant and lead a business unit effective 1 September 07.

"The Retreat format this year was somewhat different from yester-years, as this time round, the business unit leaders were expected to contribute significantly more by getting involved in P&L and business directions discussions, as well as the presentation," reported Keith Koh, Senior Consultant. "I feel empowered, and look forward to contributing even more in the coming year."

"My only lament is that five of eLC´s staff were unable to join in the fun. Airene and Huey Chin had just joined the company, while Ryan and Jia Lun are in Germany on a filming mission. Susan had to remain in Singapore as she is involved in a multimedia project for the Army Open House 2007, and filming dates clashed with that of the Retreat´s," said William Chua, Co-CEO. "Both Benson and I feel that it´s important for all staff to be present at the Retreat, and so from the next Retreat onwards, we will put in the extra effort to ensure everyone´s presence."


Whizzing through traffic and directly into another bus!


Shandy, our Coordination/PR OIC, working hard (and still smiling!)


Our Co-CEOs posing at the swanky Ming Dynasty


The eLC Family (with their families!)