Lectora User Conference Las Vegas (April 29th - May 2nd 2008)

16th June 2008

eLCians have a very important event come April every year and that is the Lectora User Conference. Fortunately for this year's Singapore convoy of conference attendees for the Lectora User Conference, it was again held at the exciting city of Las Vegas. This year's event marked the 4th successful exchange, drawing a larger crowd than ever of international users, even as far as New Zealand!

During the event, there were lots of networking and socialising opportunities with other users, ensuring that the atmosphere is always kept informal and friendly to enhance the overall seminar experience, not to mention the strengthening bond with Trivantis members in both work and play settings. You should see the amount of drinks that were being consumed in the whole duration of the event!

Some news in regards to the future of Lectora was also announced at the opening of the seminar exciting all that was present. There will be User Certifications, and a lot of other developments expected by the next year so stay tuned.

"This conference is an eye-opener! Users of different expertise levels and hailing from a variety of backgrounds sharing all they can really make the whole experience valuable!" commented Jinnie, eLC Senior Technical Consultant.

Naturally repeating the motto of old, "eLCians", always work hard and then play harder!


Seminar in session


Grand Canyon Sightseeing (view from the bottom)