eLC Retreat @ Phuket (Bangkok)

22nd August 2008

eLC, a leading technology-enabled learning solutions provider in Singapore with core competencies in customised eLearning content development and solutions to enable organisations to develop and deploy their own "e" content, celebrated her 5th birthday with a Retreat at Phuket (Bangkok) for all staff and their families.

With eLC recently being ISO certified, this year´s retreat was even more special and a cause for celebration. Since our last retreat, the numbers within the eLC family has been steadily growing. This expansion clearly demonstrates that eLC has moved to a level higher, ready to take on more challenges from the industry.

The retreat lasted 3 days. There was much debate and emotion during the meeting on the first day, with all of us taking the opportunity to load off what weighed on our mind and our concerns; and we got an insight as to what we can expect in the coming years. We would like to also once again congratulate all staff who received their confirmation and 5 years service award.

Besides the sumptuous lunches and dinners, one of the most memorable experiences would have been the day that we had our whitewater rafting trip. It was a tough journey and occasionally a fearful experience for the children of the eLC members. But it was really touching to see the members helping each other to navigate the water. It actually taught us the meaning of teamwork and reinforced what William Chua, CEO of eLC once said: "eLC has always been about teamwork and strength as a whole".

"This year's retreat is especially special for me because I am getting my 5 years service award." said Ryan Foo, Senior Creative Consultant.

"With the increasing members in my team, it has perked me to do better and set higher goals for myself and the team" said Keith Koh, Senior Consultant.


Showing the "Team spirit" of eLC members whilst going against the angry river


CEO of eLC, Mr William Chua, presenting the 5-year service award to one of the staff


The big eLC Family. Hasn't it grown?