US Joint ADL Implementation Fest (25 - 28 August)

25th August 2008

At the end of August, four eLCians went overseas again. This time the purpose was to attend the annual JADL Implementation Fest organized by the JADL (Joint Advanced Distributed Learning Co-Laboratory) in Orlando, Florida. This is the second year we attended such an event.

Spread over 3 and a half days, the conference was packed with presentations and sharing sessions from the five different services in the US Department of Defense (US Armed Forces, US Marine Corps, US Navy, US Air Force and US Coast Guard) as well as from practitioners on how Reusable Learning Objects (RLO) has been and could be implemented in their field and beyond.

We also took this opportunity to visit Trivantis members in Boca Raton, a short one and a half hour’s drive from Orlando, where we were given an inclusive demonstration of the new development of Lectora. The short trip was ended with a night stay and a sight-seeing trip in New York. All in all, the entire trip was very short but enjoyable.


Times Square, New York - It is smaller compare to what was shown on TV


Taking a stroll towards The Empire State Building