A Visit to our German Partner, KMW

23rd -27th February 2009

A group of us from eLC paid a visit to Munich, Germany on 23 February 09. The main objective for this trip was to have a face-to-face review with the SMEs from KMW on existing courseware developments. During the 4 days of review, we had accomplished more than what we have planned initially due to the good coordination of work efforts by both eLC and KMW. Not forgetting the gracious hospitality of our host, it was altogether a fruitful work week.

After working hard, as always for eLCians, playing hard is next on the agenda. A skiing trip was kindly organised by KMW, with thoughtful inclusion of all necessary skiing equipment for us. A drive of approximately 3 hours took us from Munich to the skiing location, Rettenberg, and our fun began!

Coming from the tropical island of Singapore, it is a rare opportunity for any of us to experience the breath-taking snowscape of Rettenberg. Imagine our glee! Inevitably, beside learning how to ski (or more like learning how not to fall too many times during skiing), a snow fight ensued that create a memorable end to our time in Rettenberg.

Overall, the trip was a successful one as objective was met, tremendous progress was achieved, and relations strengthen between eLC and KMW.


Sumptuous dinner with KMW.


Skiing location, Rettenberg.


Here comes the snow fight!

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