eLC Teambuilding @ Yishun SAFRA

24th April 09

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. It had been an eventful first quarter of the year for eLC, with our latest event at Yishun Safra. The day started off with our monthly meeting followed by a celebration for our April babies. Having filled our stomachs with both cake and laughter, we were all prepped-up to go on for our first ever teambuilding event at Yishun Safra.

We started off our teambuilding with an icebreaker that brought us to our knees laughing as we watched the winners do the chicken dance.


All nice and warmed up, we stepped into the great outdoors, separated into our teams. We went through a number of activities that not only required individual participation but also required the group to work as a body in unity. The different activities raised the awareness of the differences among us and how we could use these differences to add value to the team. Needless to say, this was an opportunity for all eLCians to reinforce our Commitment, Camaraderie, Cohesiveness, Confidence and Creativity; the 5 ´Cs´ that form the driving force that builds the company to where it is today.

Although there was a stressed moment, overall the event was a success. Besides enjoying ourselves in the fun and the sun, most of us left for home that day with a valuable lesson: United We Stand, Divided We Fall. It was yet another exciting day at eLC...

"The games are challenging and it was also refreshing to see how we cooperate outside of our comfort zones. I certainly enjoyed myself very much." Yap Jialun, Multimedia Designer.

"When I injured myself during one of the games, several of them were quick to come to my assistance. They ensured that I am in a comfortable position, well-hydrated and constantly soothed my frazzled nerves while we were waiting for medical help. Not only was I impressed by our people´s crisis management, I was deeply touched by everyone´s concern, portrayed in their worried eyes, kind words and sincere gestures during the hospital stay. This is the family spirit of eLC." Davi, Office Manager.

"It was a wonderful chance to interact with colleagues whom we seldom get to work with. I look forward to the next one." Yvonne Soh, Project Coordinator.