eLC @ DiSTI GL Studio training

14th - 17th July 2009

As a dynamic company in the Training and Learning industry, eLC is constantly looking at new technologies to improve on service quality for our clients. Of the many software products we have been exploring to produce realistic 3D simulations, we have identified DiSTI GL Studio as one such software that can complement our courseware and enhance the delivery of our elearning solution. After much research and evaluation, the GL Studio officially lends strength to our ever growing list of development tools.

The on-site training, held in early July, for GL Studio provided our multimedia programming team with their first hands-on experience of the software. Everyone at the training tried to absorb all the necessary information and techniques taught within the span of one week. It was a golden opportunity to question the trainer, whom had travelled all the way from USA, on GL Studio´s features and capabilities that can fulfill some of our more ambitious ideas. The trainer also gave our multimedia design team a presentation on how GL Studio best worked with 3D Studio Max and further provided a web conference, with DiSTI resident 3D Studio Max artist, to clarify all the questions they had. It was altogether a fun, fruitful and enjoyable training experience, made possible by the very knowledgeable and humorous DiSTI trainer, Mr. Christopher Giordano.

"Although I am already quite familiar with GL Studio during R&D, I still learnt a lot from this training. It was fun and rewarding to create interactive moving objects in 3D environment. As a programmer, this software gave new life to my programming passion!" - Aaron Neo, Multimedia Programmer.

It is the culture of eLC to always Work hard, Play hard! Together with our KMW & BVR partners, whom were also in town, Mr. Giordano was invited to a sumptuous dinner at The Jewel Box. It overlooks our harbour-front and the glittering heartlands of Singapore, providing the ideal backdrop for unwinding after a hard day´s work. Add on Beer, good food and good companionship, it was a great night out for everyone!


Programmers @ training.


Dinner @ The Jewel Box
(5th person from left; Mr Christopher Giordana - DiSTI.