Dinner with our Overseas Partners

15th Jul 2009

A multi-national dinner was organised by eLC on the 15th of July, 2009. This dinner brought together various partners of eLC including Krauss Maffei-Wegmann (KMW) from Germany, BVR Systems (BVR) from Israel, DiSTI Corporation (DiSTI) from USA and Theissen Training System (TTS) from Germany. These partners work closely not only with eLC, but also amongst themselves. It was an excellent opportunity to bring everyone together for an evening of great company, gourmet food and a wonderful atmosphere.

Dinner was held at the Jewel Box, located at the top of Mount Faber. The breathtaking view and the cooling breeze made for a relaxing evening in the midst of our busy schedules and the humid weather. It gave everyone a chance to wind down after a hard day's work and to have some light-hearted conversation before the meal.

Food and drinks were promptly served, consisting of a nine-course Chinese menu and plenty of local beer. Many of the dishes were new to our partners and it was an entertaining time explaining the menu as well as assuring them that the food was safe for consumption. "There is no frog leg in this dish I assure you" was a statement constantly made by Melvin Ovinis, Senior Software Engineer, to convince them to try the different items set before them.

The wonderful dinner ended with a few more glasses of local beer accompanied by stories and jokes all around. It was an exceptional night for eLC to meet and relax with its overseas partners, our own mini UN, as coined by our COO, Janice Cheng.

It was a hearty experience to share our culture with our partners from all over the world. This joint activity has certainly brought eLC, KMW, BVR, DiSTI and TTS closer as partners.


Staff of eLC, KMW and BVR.


Staff of eLC, BVR, KMW and DiSTI.


Staff of eLC, TTS and KMW.