eLC Retreat

28th - 30th August 2009

eLC, a leading technology-enabled learning solutions provider in Singapore, celebrated the 6th birthday with a Retreat at Zhu Hai(China) for all staff and their family members.

The celebration lasted 3 days and 2 nights starting from 7am Friday morning. We held our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the second day in Zhu Hai. The AGM allows us to get an insight of what we can expect in the coming years and also gives us an opportunity to annunciate the gaps in our daily work.

"In this AGM, we had this opportunity to understand what each of the team wants." said Dawn Lai, Consultant.

Looking back at our previous retreat, the number of the eLC family has grown tremendously within a short span of one year. We welcomed our Advisory Board Members, Mr Stephen Yeo (who is able to join us for the re-treat) and Mr. Lim Liat and it´s our honour to have them with us in the family. We are not only excited about welcoming all the new comers, but we are also showing our greatest appreciation to those who have devoted themselves to our company in this retreat. Six of our members received a Tag Heuer watch after 5 years of their dedicated work (Davi, Chai, Shandy, Jinnie, Susan and Andy), kudos to them and we look forward to more members of the family receiving this award.


The Big eLC family.

After our AGM, we went to the Ocean Spring Resort and experienced the rare marine hot springs in different themes. After "getting ourselves in the hot soup", we had our dinner at the seafood street, a buzzing place where owners of fine seafood restaurants along with the customers haggling prices with the fisherman who brought delicate ocean freshness to shore. The excitement of people making bargains over the prices and the fishy smell from the ocean left us a deep impression of a different culture and their way of life.


Everyone is ready to get themselves into "hot soup" at Ocean Spring Resort.


Sumptuous meal at a restaurant in Seafood Street.


Look at the abalone and prawn. Yummy!

On our last day in China, we crossed the border to Macau which is just a stone throw away from Zhu Hai. We visited some famous attractions such as Senado Square and Ruins of St. Paul. Later on we had our sumptuous lunch in Macau before getting ourselves on the plane and head back to Singapore. Everyone had a good time of shopping and massages that lasted into the wee hours of the night.

"Good times spend with one another!" said Jan Chen, GD.


Graphic Designers (GD) striking poses in front of Ruins of St. Paul