eLC´s Simulator Maintenance Training at KMW

14th - 22th September 2009

As part of eLC´s continuous support for the KMW simulators in Singapore, team members Melvin Ovinis and Aung Si Thu Kyaw flew to Munich, Germany on 12th September from Singapore. The objective of this trip was to attend a maintenance course conducted by service engineers of KMW for a pair of driving simulators purchased by the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

The maintenance training was conducted from 14th - 22nd September 2009. The eLC team members were introduced to the detailed operational and maintenance procedures of the driving simulators. Among the intricate details of systems include the projection system, motion system, control system and uninterrupted power supply (UPS). Towards the end of course, the team was also briefed on an online issue tracking system that will enable eLC to report all issues pertaining to the simulation maintenance in Singapore, which also include simulators previously purchased by SAF. eLC is the first external contractor to have access to this system, as we are deeply honoured to be able to assist KMW to perfect this system. During the week, the team also met with other staff of KMW to discuss various issues pertaining to other simulators that are already in Singapore. The team shared their experience of maintaining the systems over the past 18 months and this allowed the KMW service engineers to gleam important and pertinent information as to how to handle future systems that will be delivered to Singapore.

KMW continued to be very gracious hosts to the eLC team members. We were feted to a variety of activities and a smorgasbord of German cuisine. We got the chance to visit Sea Life, a fresh and saltwater aquarium located at the Munich Olympic Park. It certainly was a valuable experience to have a close and cordial evening with the KMW engineers. Over the weekend, a Project Manager of KMW, invited the team to visit his hometown, Augsburg, where the group spent the day touring the town on bicycles. It was also the time for Oktoberfest in Munich, and the eLC team were hosted to this amazing festival by the KMW engineers. "It is the one of the most wonderful events I have ever seen", says Aung Si Thu Kway, Software Engineer.

This trip to Munich extends eLC and KMW´s ever-growing relationship and bodes well for the eLC simulation team, as we continue to strive to provide the best possible service to SAF. "We learnt a lot of details in the maintenance training, and I am sure we will continue to develop the relationship between KMW and eLC", says Si Thu again.


eLC staff in front of Krauss Maffei building.


KMW and eLC at dinner Sea Life.


KMW and eLC on a cultural tour of Augsburg.


KMW Project Manager hosting a dinner for eLC team members.