Another Visit to our German Partner, KMW

21st - 25th September 2009

A group of eLCians with DSTA partner visited Munich, Germany, on 21 September 09. The main objective for this trip is the bi-annual meeting between DSTA, KMW and eLC and also to have a face-to-face review on existing courseware developments with the SMEs from KMW. Both activities were concurrently carried out with good co-operation from all parties though there were many things to cover. The bi-annual meeting had discussion covering the progress of the project, the standardization of documents, the closing of the Batch 2 courseware and the introduction of new tool to enhance the courseware interactivity.

As for the content verifications, the 5 days of intense planning and work between eLCians along with the SMEs from KMW, put in great effort by working day and night to get the coursewares ready. Their hardwork paid off by having accomplished more than what they have planned initially due to the good coordination of work efforts by both parties. Besides achieving the objectives set beforehand, eLCians also had the privilege of getting firsthand information from KMW – The SMEs provided them with photos hot from the oven so that they can insert them into the coursewares.

After working hard, the next criterion is always followed by playing hard for eLCians. KMW organized exciting trips with thoughtful inclusion of all necessary transportation arrangement. One of the programs is to visit "Oktoberfest". Oktoberfest is one of the highly celebrated events in Germany. Men and ladies will dress in their traditional wear when they attend this event. The fun began with each of us having 2 litres of beer along with loads of food being served in the tent of "Brausol". Coming from Singapore, it is a rare opportunity for any of us to experience drinking beers and eating Germany cuisines at the same time.

Besides the unforgettable experience from Oktoberfest, the great hospitality from KMW really touched our hearts and left everyone with great memories.

Overall, the trip was successful as objectives were met, tremendous progress was achieved, and the ties amongst DSTA, KMW and eLC were strengthened. KMW was impressed with the professionalism of eLCian and full of exemplary comments for her staff. Bearing the core values, eLC hopes to soar to greater heights with her partners.


eLCian with KMW doing serious work.


Dinner with KMW after a hard day work at the beer brewery.



Having fun at the tent of "Brausol" for "Oktoberfest".

Project Manager, Benedict Lee: "I would like to sincerely thank KMW and the team that is in Munich for the great teamwork that they have contributed in this short five days."