Oversea Training for LFME and TACF

28th - 9th October 2009

Despite the long flight, the team kept their morale high as they marched down the long cold aisle of Germany to their hotel after they have landed. The first thing that greeted the team was the cold wind of Germany, but the cold was immediately suppressed by Mathias, the project manager from KMW, who brought us out for a taste of their local food and drinks and showed us great hospitality.

The objective of this trip is to harvest and gather information on the integration of LFME and the TACF under the cooperation of three parties: eLC, KMW and THEISSEN.

The team was divided into two groups, one group looking into the operation and integration of both LFME and TACF, while the other group looked into the technical and maintenance aspect of both LFME and TACF from KMW and THEISSEN.

We met people whom created the LFME system, the founders of LFME: Manfred, software engineer; Karl, project coordinator; Kai and many other support staff who in one way or another made the LFME system possible.

During the training, well structured lessons and deep discussion were held and both KMW and THEISSEN have imparted vast amount of knowledge to us which helped us to understand the operation and maintenance of the systems. The Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) which was conducted a week earlier, also allowed DSTA and the Army to exchange their thoughts and highlight their needs. The invaluable information we gathered during the two-week FAT & training will definitely position to manage the system better.

Following the eLC culture of working hard and playing harder, the day normally ended with a fun session. Going bowling, pool bars and the drinking pubs are some of the Leisure activities to relax ourselves after a long day of hard work. In this area, the Germans showed us the different side of their life.

The days in Kassel passed by in a blink of an eye and in no time, it´s time for good bye. The oversea training ended up with a meeting and tying down of requirements when the KMW team comes over to Singapore.

"In a nutshell, this trip had been a rewarding one. Objective for the team had been met and knowledge on the LFME system had been once again, brought to greater heights," said Qin Hui, Junior Consultant.

To the whole Team including Ben, Choon Hock, Qin Hui & Si Thu, it has been a tremendous trip with lots of knowledge sharing, working plus playing hard, and it was aptly concluded with..."Been There! Done That!" says team member, Ben.


Coffee on train.


Hauptbahnhof Station, Kassel.


First day of work.


Planning session.


International friendly.


Luggage party.