The Learning Resource Fair - Taylor´s University College

8th - 9th October 2009

eLC, leading provider of learning solutions in Singapore and the region, is proud to be invited by Taylor´s University College to give a talk to their senior lecturers and programme directors.

Taylor´s University College, with a history of more than three decades, has been recognized as Malaysia´s leading private educational institutional of higher learning, organised their annual Learning Resource Fair from 6th October to 9th October this year. The Learning and Academic Skills Centre (LASC) held the event for students and staff in all 5 campuses to enhance their capabilities and thrive in an information-rich and technology-driven global environment.

The team from eLC arrived in Kuala Lumpur the day before for the set-up and preparation. And although the day started out rainy, we still got quite a good crowd for the session, which was a pleasant surprise to the organisers of the event.

The speaker for this event was our senior consultant, Mr. Teo Huey Chin, who shared with the audience on the profiles and learning styles of their students and how to engage this next generation with engaging learning content. Differences in the learning styles between "Digital Immigrants" and "Digital Natives" were discussed with the senior lecturers, with recommendations, examples and case studies on how today´s students are learning.

Huey Chin also showcased Lectora and Articulate to the audience and how their students could be using them to create their own ePortfolios. The session ended with an interactive question and answer session, where much of the questions of the audience were answered. In fact, the audience enjoyed the session so much that we were invited for a follow-up session with them to discuss the ePortfolio development in more details.

"Regardless of the bad weather, to our surprise, the talk attracted many audiences. It was a great honor for us to be invited by Taylor´s University College and I do believe that the audiences gained a lot from the talk as well. It was overall a successful event." said Jhoanna, Instructional Designer.

After the intensive schedule on "Working Hard", as a tradition for us in eLC, "Playing Hard" is always listed down in the next agenda. "In Malaysia, Bakuteh has made its name known to many abroad. Undoubtedly, that would be the best stop for us to release all the stress and reward our starving stomach. The taste of Bakuteh was unbelievably great and the "all you can drink" Bakuteh soup was the best service of all", said Teo Huey Chin, Senior Consultant.

Great talk + 100% accomplishment + perfect team work + delicious food = a perfect business trip.


eLC Brochures, along with demo CDs and eLC pen.


Speaker Mr. Teo Huey Chin, Senior Consultant.


The Mezzanine Auditorium filled with audiences.


Programme directors and senior lectures stayed to ask questions after the talk.


Super duper delicious Malaysian Bakuteh with soup.


Dried Bakuteh with another kind of scrumptious taste.