The 8th World Conference on Mobile and Contextual Learning - mLearn 2009

26th - 30th October 2009

As part of eLC´s continuous effort on R&D in training and learning, eLC sent out 2 department heads, one from the Instructional Design Department and the other from the IT Department, to attend the 8th World Conference on Mobile and Contextual Learning - mLearn 2009, in Orlando, Florida. Hosted by the University of Central Florida Institute for Simulation & Training, eLC was proud to be the first team from Singapore, among participants from 25 countries, to attend this event.

The objective of this trip is mainly about emerging technologies to facilitate learning. "Attending mLearn allowed us to gather information and learn from the world´s leading mobile learning researchers, developers and activists who are stimulated to enhance innovation in the use of the mobile device to accelerate learning. In order for eLC to better provide solutions that are holistic and take current technologies into consideration, it was important for us to know what are the latest technology tools available in the market so we too can innovate and make practical use of mobile learning in the field of training and elearning. Equally important was to ensure feasibility in knowing what others have done, what has and has not worked out so that we can learn and improve from their best practices", said Michelle, Hd Instructional Designer.

The mLearn 2009 conference and workshop was held from 26th - 30th October 2009. Lessons conducted by experts from all over the world were extremely enriching. The knowledge gained from the conference allowed us to see a different use of the mobile device for learning (apart of typical eLearning) and to appreciate the possibility of learning from a different angle. From this knowledge gained, eLC hope to bring the mobile learning experience to all learners in Singapore.

After all the serious works, we met up with Lance, our principal from Trivantis, for dinner at Downtown Disney Rain Forest Café. Apart from discussing about the many possibilities with Lectora Online (which will be launched at our annual Lectora Carnival on 22 Jan, 2010), and other "work" related stuff, we had a wonderful time catching up. After dinner, we had a great time wandering around in Downtown Disney and doing what most Singaporeans LOVE to do - shop for souvenirs.

Possibly the most interesting part of the trip (and something that has not happened in any of the eLC trips) was experiencing a flat tire. Without having any experience on changing car tyres, the two girls attempted to change the tyre for the first time. Luckily, we had a "bai ma wang zhi" from a Latino family who offered help (which was until then we realized we have been doing it wrongly). At the end of that experience, we realized we also attended an intensive workshop on "Changing Tyres 101".


mLearn 2009 Conference.


In the lobby of mLearn 2009 Conference.


Dinner at Rain Forest with Lance.


Souvenir Shopping.


Haha.. finally the car is ready to go on road.