KMW and eLC Bi-annual Meeting

5th - 9th April 2010

How much time do I have with "Doctor" Thomas? When is my turn to see "Doctor" Thomas?

These are the questions on all IDs mind from 5th - 9th April 2010. For the entire week, all this questions are being echoed in theirs minds and in the eLC Ubi Tech office. So who is this "Doctor" Thomas? Is eLC having a sudden pandemic outbreak that all the IDs are seeking treatment?

eLC is not having any pandemic outbreak but a visit by KMW to eLC from the 5th - 9th April 2010 for the Bi-annual meeting and this year´s visit is different as KMW brought along with them an SME in both turret and chassis of the Leopard L2A4 tank, Mr. Thomas Crais.

The KMW team consists of Mr Christian Muggenthaler and Mr Christian Hartel, to resolve key development issues of the project and of course, the beloved "Doctor" Thomas who is here to answer all the queries of our IDs in the development of the various courseware. Besides resolving issues on the courseware development, the KMW team also took time to meet up with the respective users, Armour and OETI to answer their queries too.

In the true spirit and professionalism of eLC, work started immediately upon the arrival of the KMW team. The various day programs were packed and all days ended around 8pm! With Mr Muggenthaler and Mr Hartel deeply involved in the management discussion and not to forget the beloved "Doctor" Thomas who seeing the "patients" continuously for 12 hours! The KMW team has exhibited a high level of professionalism in tackling all the issues and queries with regards to the contents of the subjects.

Beside working long but fruitful hours, eLC also planned social programs for the KMW team for them to experience the everyday life of a Singaporean. The KMW team is exposed to the various local exotic food everyday. Dishes like turtle soup, crocodile meat, pig intestines, Hainanese chicken rice, and even mixed vegetable rice in a food court. The KMW team took the challenge and fell in love with the various dishes, especially chendol. And if anyone were to say that only Asians can take hot and spicy food, "Doctor" Thomas will prove you wrong and he is one that can take it all! Even when the owner of a particular local India food restaurant served his hottest chili and "Doctor" Thomas took it just like a pudding, way to go "Doctor" Thomas!

Well, in the words of the Chinese, "there are no banquets in the world that will never end", and after working closely with KMW over the short period of 5 days, the professional bond and friendship developed are something that eLCians will hold dearly to their hearts and in true testimony of our working principles, looking forward to be working with the KMW team.


Group photo with eLC and KMW.