Lectora User Conference 2010

Cincinnati, Ohio

27th April 2010 - 29th April 2010

This year´s Lectora User Conference (LUC) was held at The METS Center in the hometown of Trivantis headquarters, Cincinnati, Ohio. And to mark the special event, it commenced with the welcoming reception held on a riverboat cruise along the Ohio River.

This year´s conference is different from past years as we invited two of the Lectora Competition Award winners, Ms Lee Poh Tin and Madam Siti Shahrin to participate in the LUC with the eLC team. The conference featured various concurrent sessions where speakers presented on how their own institution benefited from the use of Lectora in content development, training delivery and other organisational functions. LUC participants were also given the opportunity to meet up with the Lectora experts and have a discussion on how to better improve on the use of Lectora. One of the key differentiator about this year´s conference was the use of social media. Each session is blogged by a representative from Trivantis, and these blogs were uploaded almost immediately after each session. Participants were also able to ´tweet´ about their experience and share their thoughts with their fellow conference ´pals´.

Our very own development team prepared a session for this conference, "Creating Role Play Simulation Using Lectora". The Survival Simulation Practice, a courseware created purely in Lectora, had been an eye opener not only for the other Lectora user but also for the developers of Lectora themselves. Presented to a full crowd, many of the audience in the session were surprised that such high fidelity simulation practice can be done using Lectora. The eLC team also announced the launch of the latest two versions of the Lectora eBook, "You Can Create Interactive Web-based Contents in 2 days Using Lectora!" which are in Lectora Version 9 and Lectora X.


Survival Simulation Practice Presentation.

It has been a good experience for our Lectora Competition 2009 award winners to join us for this event as we hope that they too can share both the experience and new discoveries on the implementation of eLearning initiatives in their very own institutions.

"About the trip, eLC treated us like ´family´ and included us in their activities. On the conference, it was enriching as it boasted my knowledge on Lectora and its capabilities. The speakers from eLC had proven themselves that they are the specialists in the creating of simulation practice and the audience was very impressed and inspired by the courseware presented. Congratulations Sherly, Jhoanna, Susan and Addison!"
– Mrs. Siti Faizah Shahrin, Queenstown Primary School Teacher.

"We were very fortunate that eLC gave us the opportunity to attend the Lectora User Conference at Cincinnati, USA. In the conference, we learnt from Lectora experts on how to make our Lectora courseware more interactive. We also realised how to get around with Lectora to include innovative questions to engage the learners. We also appreciated the eLC contingent who took good care of us in accommodation, food and transportation throughout the trip. Finally, this conference has spurred our passion in Lectora to a greater height and we are already thinking on how to deploy these new skills into our next Lectora courseware."
– Ms. Lee Poh Tin, Queenstown Secondary School Teacher.


eLC Team.


eLC Team getting ready for the presentation.


Dinner with the Trivantis representatives at Newport.