Equipment Upgrade of [LFME] Live Firing Monitoring Equipment and [TACF] Training Area Control Facility

26th April 2010 - 6th May 2010

On a sunny Tuesday morning of 27th April 2010, eLC´s Services & Maintenance Team (SMT) met up with two engineers from Theissen Training Systems who are in Singapore, to assist them in the installation of new shielded fiber optic cables on the LFME.

Upon arrival at the LFME site, they prepared the site for the cabling process, and started the project by locating the site´s communications ducts. This was a tedious process but with the great teamwork between the SMT and the Theissen engineers, we managed to locate the communication ducts and complete the first half of the cabling process from the control building, to the butt area on the same day.

Braving the scorching sun and the rain, SMT and the Theissen engineers completed the cabling process and went on to conduct a final testing. The Acceptance test is done between eLC, Theissen, DSTA and the Army on the afternoon of 5th May 2010 which brought the works to a successful conclusion.

This project has not only strengthened the relationship between Theissen Systems and eLC. It has also benefitted the newer members of SMT that is new to the workings of the LFME system in terms of learning new skills, embodying the spirit of eLC, ´Where learning never ends´.