eLC Retreat 2010 @ Kota Kinabalu

28th - 31st August 2010

This is eLC´s 7th retreat, having travelled via land (Genting), sea (Bintan) and air (Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Phuket and Macau). Our organiser for this year, Shandy and team has the challenge to try and outdo all previous years of retreat, and they have done so with this trip to Kota Kinabalu. Extending the trip from our traditional 3D2N to 4D3N, we are able to spend more time taking in the sights and sound of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Our Retreat started with a relaxing free and easy session for the staff while the business unit heads start a series of meetings to plan for the direction of the company for the coming year. The AGM on the 2nd day sees the biggest turnout yet, with 54 of our staff from eLC Pte Ltd, eLC Services Sdn Bhd and POWERdrive Pte Ltd congregating for the session, where they are updated about the company´s future projects and direction. The AGM closed with a presentation of the Tag Heuer watch to our 5-years´ service award recipient, Head Business Development, Keith.


Our Family: eLC Pte Ltd, eLC Services Sdn Bhd & POWERdrive Pte Ltd

The day after the AGM, the whole team proceeded to Manukan Island where we had our team building activities in the form of telematches. Staff from all 3 organisations are grouped together to form 2 teams in our friendly yet competitive matches against each other, and they sure went all out for it. The tele-matches end with an unexpected tie and the Management good-naturedly picks up the tab for the penalty dinner later in the evening. A sumptuous BBQ lunch came after the strenuous activities and then it was free and easy time! Many of our guys snorkeled in the clear waters around the island, taking in the bountiful marine life. Not to missed out the views, some non-water enthusiasts even tried out the Scuba-doo (underwater scooters led by Dive Masters) to gain an eyeful of the underwater world. By late afternoon, the tired out crowd then head back to the city for some needed rest.

"This is our first retreat with the POWERdrive guys and in such a big group. The planning for all the activities and logistics are a great challenge to me even with my experiences in planning for the past years´ retreat." Shandy, our Assistant HR Manager, recapped.

After 4 days of meetings and rest & relax, the team head back for Singapore, and it is back to work as usual.

"My only lament is that some of our staff was not able to join us for this retreat due to work commitments," said William Chua, CEO. "I feel that it is important for all the staff to be present at the Retreat, however, we must also be practical about it that as our staff strength grows, it will be increasingly difficult to get everyone involved in this annual event. But we will continue to strive to include everyone."


"Look mom, no hands!" 2 ladies trying their ´hands´ in snorkeling.