eLC Picked to Conduct Home Visitation Programme

1st November 2010


eLC Pte Ltd, a leading learning provider, was selected by MINDEF's G1 Army to conduct the Home Visitation Programme. Previously, home visits were conducted only for cases where soldiers have issues or suffer long term medical leave. However, in a bid to change this image and to garner communities' support to total defence, G1 Army has taken recognisance on a proactive approach to include such home visits as a routine event prior to key or milestone events such as overseas training.

In understanding this, eLC has put together a solution which is both innovative and practical. Participants of the programme, through engaging role-play scenarios, are given opportunities to play the different roles of soldier, family members and commanders, which will allow them to understand the different perspectives from the different stakeholders of the home visits.

Through the completion of this programme, commanders will innately grasp the purpose of conducting these home visits, and adopt the appropriate communication styles and methods during the visits. All in a most fun and interactive way!

"We are confident that our solution and the way we are conducting the training will achieve the objectives and still allow the participants to enjoy the learning process," remarked Teo Huey Chin, Deputy Head Business Development and one of the key trainers of the programme.