Lectora Carnival and Awards Ceremony

25th March 2011


It's the 6th year running and we are happy to announce that the Lectora Carnival and Awards Ceremony 2011 was a great success! After a three-year hiatus, we are back at the Fullerton Hotel on 25th March. This year, similar to previous years, sees participants from various sectors joining in the event, adding strength to the fact that Lectora's ease of use applies across the board.


We started off with two workshops in the morning. The first workshop is conducted using Lectora Inspire; the latest version of Lectora where participants can pick up basic skills to create interactive content. The second workshop covered more advance skills for existing Lectora users, which sees an increase in demand ever since we started the workshop sessions. Responses and feedback from both workshops' participants were fantastic as most commented that they have learnt a lot in the workshops.

After an interlude, we kick-start this year's carnival, "Colours of Learning" with the introduction of four new games - "eLC Shootout" (a game designed in TorqueEngine), "SMARTphone Hunt" (QR Coding), "eLC Colours" and "eLC Pursuit" (both created using Lectora) on top of other staple games such as the modified Command and Conquer game featuring the latest Leopard tanks. Besides plain enjoyment of playing and garnering learning tips on how to create interactive games, participants can also use the various colour coupons they win from playing the games to exchange them for prizes.

eLC Shootout


Beat your opponent in a shootout within 10 seconds.

eLC Colours


Can you differentiate the colour of the words from the words itself? A stroop effect test that boggles the brain.

eLC Pursuit


eLC Pursuit (the hottest game for the day): A game to test your trivial knowledge.

SMARTphone Hunt


Smartphone users only! Spot all the QR codes located anywhere within the ballroom and claim a special prize.

After the fun and games, we presented a total of 22 awards to the winning individuals and/or teams. And they are:

Organisation/Individual Course Title
Instructional Design (Open) - Silver
Tampines Secondary English Grammar Elearning
Formerly from Signal Institute Baby Care
SAF Ammunition Command, School of Ammunition Introduction to Hand Grenade Anti-Frogman
Intructional Design (Open) - Bronze
Tampines Secondary 2010 Health Tips
Singapore Sports School Natural Vegetation
Hwa Chong Institution, Mathematics Department Transformation of Graphs
National University Hospital Challenges in the care of the hospitalized older adults
National University Hospital Neurological Observation Chart
National University Hospital Colour Touch Screen - IPAS
Singapore Police Force, Police Technology Department Panasonic Camera NV GS 330
MINDEF Saving Our Earth
AETI School, AWTI, Air Force Training Command, In Collaboration with Temasek Polytechnic Global Positioning System
Formerly Signal Institue, now studying in SMU The Empowered Shopper
Centre for Teaching Excellence, Singapore Management University Zodiac
Instructional Design (Academic) - Bronze
Queenstown Primary Oral Care
Queenstown Primary Art & Craft
Tampines Secondary Formula One Racing
Tampiness Secondary Skateboarding
Queenstown Secondary Landforms
Queenstown Secondary Fun with Algebra
Multimedia (Academic) - Silver
Queenstown Primary Dances
Multimedia (Academic) - Bronze
Queenstown Primary School Magic

Participants were also excited to find out who has won the special prize of a fully-paid trip to the Lectora User Conference held in USA annually. We gave out not one, but two of this special prize to the top two entries of the competition. Let us congratulate the following winners for their great efforts:

The first Special Prize goes to Ms Noor Hanis Binte Jasni from Tampines Secondary for her entry on English Grammar eLearning.


The second Special Prize goes to the team consisting of Mr Lee Kwong Nam, Mr Johnny Tan Yong Hao and Mr Aaron Yeo Yi from SAF Ammunition Command, School of Ammunition for their entry on Introduction to Hand Grenade Anti-Frogman.


The event comes to a close in the late afternoon. Everyone had fun, including the staff, and we would like to convey our thanks to the participants of Lectora Carnival and Awards Ceremony 2011. Thank you and congratulations once again to the winners!


The eLC Team - colouring your learning journey.