Battalion Knowledge Management Project

31st May 2011

In February 2011, the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) engaged eLC Pte Ltd to provide consultancy services for Battalion Knowledge Management (Bn-KM) to engender a learning culture in the SAF. Knowledge gained from experiences can be collated, captured and subsequently accessed and reused for future training activities and curriculum/training design.

The Bn-KM project aims to operationalise Knowledge Management (KM) of training activities at the battalion level. This is done by preserving knowledge of the battalion through the capture and reuse of lessons through the implementation of a Battalion Lessons Learnt Process. In consultation with KM expert Dr Nancy Dixon, the Project Team developed a Bn-KM Framework that complements and extends existing SAF learning systems. Currently, the project team is continuing further developmental and implementation work on the knowledge capture and aggregation processes for the explicit recording of lessons, lessons taxonomy to tag lessons that are captured, and the codification of existing reports to identify lessons and trends.

Mr. Daniel Choo, a Multimedia Designer at eLC and a part of the Bn-KM collection team observed that "This is an evolutional project that will reform the Army's transfer of knowledge". Consultant and Instructional Designer at eLC -Ms. Melissa Ooi- also provided thoughts on the project: "I am confident that the Bn-KM team, with their combined relevant military experiences and expertise, is able to further value-add our Third Generation Army where mistakes made are not repeated but translated instead into lessons learnt through the processes developed as part of this project."


Battalion KM Project Team with KM Expert, Dr Nancy Dixon.


Battalion KM Capture Team in the field.