eLC at eLearning Korea

6th - 8th September 2011

As eLC continues to strive to be a market leader in Asia, we were honoured to be an invited speaker by the Korea eLearning Industry Association (KELIA) to eLearning Korea 2011. An international event co-hosted by four ministries of Korea, the focus for this year's conference was New Directions for Educational Innovation.

The speaking opportunity at the eLearning Global Community allowed eLC to present some of the eLearning initiatives which have led to the current state in the use of technology in Singapore and specific to the sectors, but more importantly to showcase what eLC currently offers. The crowd was not only impressed with the widespread use of technology nationwide, particularly in the education sector, but were even more impressed at the level of eLearning we are currently developing for our clients.


eLearning Korea 2011 at COEX

While most of the speakers within the region spoke about how to ensure the use of technology for the purpose of learning to be more widespread, it was a privilege to be speaking about how best we can improve the learning experience of our learners. Listening to the speakers also gave us knowledge and insights into some of the eLearning initiatives around the region. For example, with the new government in Thailand taking over, eLearning is now one of the priorities for their education. Representing Thailand was the Chairman of the eLearning Association of Thailand, a fairly new setup who has expressed how excited he is for eLearning in Thailand.

Apart from the usual business of the conference, the hospitable KELIA also brought all the speakers, namely from Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Fiji and Singapore, for a typical traditional Korea meal. With the amount of appetisers to absolutely fill you up before the main course is served, it was a really sumptuous meal and a fabulous experience.

"It was a great opportunity to attend eLearning Korea 2011 as the sharing of knowledge and experience with fellow community members allows us to gain insights of the industry we are all passionate about." Michelle Cheak, Head Instructional Design, commented.


Courtesy of KELIA's kind hospitality.