Armour Family Day 2011

10th September 2011

On 10th September 2011, SAF Armour Formation had gathered together at Amoy Quee Camp to celebrate the Armour Family Day. It was a full-filled morning with lot of activities to bond the cohesiveness amongst the family members of Armour's personnel. There were activities for all ages, from adrenaline rush activities like the Flying Fox, Rock Climbing/Abseiling and Paintball war games, to the children favourite activities like the Armour Adventure Rides, Bouncy Castle and Games Stations. Stage performances and a sumptuous buffet were also provided for participants in between activities.


Children playing "eLC Shootout" trying to outwit each other before the time is up!

As one of the main Courseware Content Developer for the Armour Formation, eLC was honoured to be invited as a sponsor of the event by providing game stations featuring eLC version of Command and Conquer, "Leopard Command Centre" and "eLC Shoot Out" for the participants to enjoy. The turnout at the game stations was so good that some children were seen queuing to get their chance to try out the games.


"Future Leopard Tank Commander in the making"

POWERdrive Team being the first Integrated Workforce of the Armour Formation, was also a proud contributor to the event, by conducting the 'A' vehicle driving segment and sponsoring door gifts for a memorable take-away to the participants. Family members and friends are able to experience adventurous rides on the Bionix platform.

"It was great fun to participate in the Armour Family Day as everyone always seems to enjoy themselves and we get to provide an unforgettable experience outside of training." Enthused Goh Eng Huat, Platform Specialist.


Armour Personnel family members thrilled from the Adventure Ride conducted by POWERdrive.


POWERdrive Team at work.

At the end of the event, Chief Armour Officer, BG Benedict Lim, presented eLC and Armour POWERdrive Teams with a plaque each in appreciation for the contribution to the successful conduct of Armour Family Day 2011. Through this win-win strategy, we believe, the cooperation between eLC, POWERdrive and SAF Armour Formation will continuously be sustained and satisfied on both sides in the future.


Tokens of appreciation for eLC and POWERdrive presented by BG Benedict Lim.