Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC)

27th November - 5th December 2011

In this modern era, technology today is ever advancing that leads the world to change rapidly. Hence, for us to move forward and get ahead of the competition, we need to be updated and to embrace the ever growing technology. That' "Where Learning Never Ends" comes about for eLC.


Opening ceremony at I/ITSEC 2011

With this motto, eLC had continuously sent people to Orlando, Florida to attend the yearly I/ITSEC event. This year's theme for I/ITSEC is "Prepare the Future" which focused on providing quality training and its products on training system. Latest technologies are being showcased for Modeling, Training, Simulation and Education in more than 500 exhibits. Thus, we have seen several innovative ideas and tools that are able to enhance and aid our core business in trainings. For instance, trainings for air marshalling can be conducted by incorporating a hands free technology with game consoles to allow users to practice in virtual reality. Aside from looking at the exhibits, there are a total of 151 paper sessions that are scheduled. With the vast selections, we try to attend as many of the relevant sessions, such as on the effectiveness of mobile course delivery, serious gaming and the different mixed medias used to enhance the learning and trainings, we can squeezed in.


eLC's 6-members team at I/ITSEC 2011

Overall, this conference has been an eye-opener for those of us attending for the first time. We have a better understanding on the importance of training and simulation technology, which can enables a higher performance in trainings and yet be cost-effective. With our main objective for this trip accomplished, it is time to put aside serious business and welcome the much awaited R&R, both in Orlando and New York.


Great dinner with international partners at NBA City Orlando.

Chocolate boutiques such as M&Ms and Hershey's, retail paradise such as Premium outlets and entertainment venues such as Disney Downtown and Universal Studios, are amongst the places bearing our footprints. The extremely cold weather (less than 10 deg C) back in New York also drove us constantly to patronise Starbucks for a cup of warmth in Times Square. And, queuing up for two hours to get our hands on Broadway tickets are just some of the memorable experiences we say goodbye to at the end of this rewarding trip.


Savoring New York from the Red Steps of Duffy Square.

Said Chow Da En, Administrative Assistant Manager, "I/ITSEC is a must-attend event if you are an industry player. There are constant innovations for learning to gain greater heights and I am glad of this opportunity to gain further insights to our business."