LLP Evalution in ROC

14th - 22nd March 2012

"The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination." Don Williams, Jr.

It was almost one year since eLC was engaged by the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) to provide consultancy services for a Battalion Knowledge Management (Bn KM) project to engender a learning culture in the SAF. The project scope is primarily to design processes where knowledge gained from training activities can be collated, captured, accessed and reused for future training activities and curriculum/training design.

After a series of process design, installation and testing works spanning 9-10 SAF unit training activities, the project culminated with the evaluation of a SAF Army battalion in a physically challenging overseas field exercise on the Lesson Learnt Process (LLP) in March 2012.


The eLC Team (L-R): Alvin Fu, Justin Chen, Kevin Yue (seated), Tin Kuang, Daniel Choo, Donovan Lee

From 13 - 22 March 12, a team of 6 consultants from eLC evaluated a SAF Army infantry battalion who was undergoing an overseas evaluation exercise. The project team's objective was to evaluate the battalion execution of the key sub-processes within the LLP. These sub-processes are: the augmented capture process, the organic capture process, the aggregation process and the lesson transfer process.

Upon arriving at the training area on 14 March, together with SAF TRADOC, the project team worked closely with the principal staff of the battalion to ensure that the evaluation was executed with minimal disruption to the battalion's own preparation for their operational evaluation. The project team followed the battalion throughout their planning to execution cycles for various missions to evaluate the battalion's s application of the LLP.

The battalion demonstrated strong belief in the LLP, and carried out the designed processes with the intent to learn and perform better in their operational evaluation. For the project team, it was both rewarding and heartening to see the LLP being fully embraced by the SAF Army unit on the ground.



A very Happy eLC Team and TRADOC at the end of the evaluation.

The project team wishes to acknowledge and appreciate the participation and contribution from SAF TRADOC and all the appointed SAF Army units who have made this SAF Bn KM project an enriching journey so far.

"It's what you learn after you know it all that counts" Harry S Truman.