Visit to Finland (FY-Composites)

20th - 22th August 2012

In August 2012, Ryan Foo (COO) and Lim Wee Yiap (PJM) paid a visit to FY-Composites PTE LTE at Menotie, Finland. This is part of the company initiatives to expand our business profile in the defence sector through understanding FY-Composites' expertise and capability, and also the exploration of possible collaboration between the two companies.

FY-Composites is a company that specialises in the development of composites structure and components. Established since 1986, the company of 20+ staff has over 25 years of experience in developing and manufacturing of ballistic protection products and solutions for Finnish Defence Force and other military institution, as well as commercial enterprises.

During the short but intensive interaction, both companies achieved a better understanding of each other core business and capabilities; our Value and Mission, as well as the value proposition we can bring to each other.


Ryan (COO/eLC-right) and Martin (MD/FY-Composites-2nd Right)

One of these was the development of Rapid Modular Pillbox (RMP) using FY-Composites Rapid Armour Shelter System (RASS). Throughout this developmental initiative, FY-Composites participation and its RASS were impressive, demonstrating their dynamites, resourcefulness and initiatives.


Different types of configuration for RMP, using RASS developed by FY-Composites, as advised by eLC


Discussion and trial conducted between eLC & FY-Composites

It was an enriching experience for us to learn from FY-composites on their business model and operating environment in their part of the world. We look forward to building a deeper working relationship with FY-Composites in future.