Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation & Education Conference (I/ITSEC)

1st - 9th December 2012

"Where learning never ends...", eLC had once again sent a 5-members group to experience this year´s I/ITSEC conference in Orlando, Florida! The group´s journey consists of a gruelling 21 hours flight to New York for a stop-over before departing for Orlando, Florida the next day.

Upon reaching Orlando, Florida, the group headed straight to Marriott Vacation Club Grande Vista.


Davi, eLC Head HAF, enthused, "This sure is a nice apartment hotel to spend the next few days!"

On the opening day of I/ITSEC, we made our registration for our passes and went to attend various seminars and view the exhibition galleries.


Douglas, POWERdrive Instructor commented, "The simulators showcased are super-impressive!"

The seminars and exhibitions in the annual I/ITSEC never fails to bring improvements to the innovations/developments through the technologies in the area of modelling, trainings and simulations. For this year´s trip, augmented reality (AR) caught our eye as it implants the belief that training has been brought to a whole new level of realism. Just by putting on an AR goggles, you can literally observe the instructions virtually, execute the instructions and even record instantaneously.

Aaron, eLC Software Engineer, felt that it is the perfect event for a simulation software engineer to see what tricks the big boys have up their sleeves because some companies/innovators have done impressive designs and are proud to showcase their products which clearly segregates them as winners among the others.

Besides the exhibitions, there were a total of 155 paper sessions akin to mini seminars from professional authors to share their work and research with the community. Although it is impossible to attend all the paper sessions as there are several happening at the same time, we still tried our best to attend those of most relevance to us.


Aaron further remarked that, "Out of the carefully selected paper sessions that I attended, many have assured that what eLC is doing for R&D is in the right direction"

All of us observed that this exhibition and conference is a good opportunity for professionals in our field to attend. Davi, Head HAF sums it up, "It is a fantastic experience for identified staff to attend such a large scale conference & exhibition, it expose them to the infinite possibilities that technologies can aid in many training aspects of the defence and commercial industries."


Group of 5 in 2012 I/ITSEC

After attending I/ITSEC, the group took the opportunity to explore cooling and fun Orlando as well as the chilling but exciting city of New York for their shopping before returning to sunny Singapore.


With our International Partners at Dinner


Alvin Fu, Deputy Head CMT "What is New York if you didn´t touch Times Square?"