eLC Holdings In-house Tetramap Training

9th & 15th April 2013

Tetramap is a quick behavioural model where you learn about yourself and others thus being more aware of your own behaviour towards the surroundings. Through the use of the basic 4 natural elements; Earth, Air, Water and Fire, nature has taught us of the ability of co-existence and the possibility of complementing each other during different situations.


The one day workshop, for both our eLC and POWERdrive staff during April this year, utilises one of the Tetramap workbook "Why Are You Like That" to aid trainees to understand their own key element and how each element behaves i.e. Earth, Fire, Air and Water. Understanding oneself allows us to reflect on our very own behaviour and also empower us with some communication tips in managing people in a more effective manner. Although each of us have a key strength and/or weakness, it is through the combination of different elements that give us the abilities to create greater synergy as a whole. One of the key take away for all the trainees at the end of the course is "Reduce Conflicts, Respect Diversity".

"It was fun and fulfilling to conduct the Tetramap training for both our eLC and POWERdrive staff. Besides seeing them laugh and tease each other about their inert elements, it is gratifying to see the self-realisation they achieved and also awareness of others." Chief Tetra Knight, William Chua, commented.

"Tetramap is a very good tool to understand myself and others and applying it will definitely be beneficial." enthused Ryan Foo, Dy Tetra Knight.

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Trainees in action! The chair game – to promote team work and communication


Discussion and presentation of learning points


Tetramap Course 2nd Batch (15th April 2013)