SAF Learning Symposium

13th - 14th June 2013

The SAF Learning Symposium, held on 13th and 14th Jun 2013 at SAFTI Military Institute, is the key event in support of the SAF Learning Transformation. It is the platform that brings together renowned experts on Learning, Education and Training leadership, experienced instructors and industry solution providers. eLC was honoured to be invited to set up a display booth at the exhibition segment that runs concurrently with the conference. The exhibition showcases the latest education development and technologies of SAF’s industry partners.

Two key static displays were set up by eLC for the SAF Learning Symposium, they were:

1. The Action Learning Process (ALP), a learning methodology that serves as the common approach for all Singapore Army's field activities, currently being installed to the suite of Army Training Institutes by eLC, and

2. The iDirect vehicle guiding simulator, which is an initiative by our subsidiary, POWERdrive, to design and develop an in-house application to train Vehicle Commanders in guiding vehicles.


Show of support on first day of exhibition


Visit by TRADOC, operations manager of the ALP project

Specifically, the iDirect is a Vehicle Guiding Simulator, which offers the learner a fail safe environment to hone vehicle guiding skills.


As part of the reviewed lesson, POWERdrive made the iDirect Tutorial and iDirect Scenario mandatory before performing actual ground guiding of AFV. We also incorporated the ALP into our training which resulted in trainees learning at a faster pace. The iDirect training methodology offers the participants of SAF Learning Symposium a real life example of ALP and demonstrated to them the effectiveness of ALP.

During the 2 days of exhibition, iDirect grabbed the attention of both military and commercial partners. Major General (MG) Ng Chee Meng, Chief of Defence Force (CDF), was one of the many distinguished guests who visited the eLC booth and was given a brief of the ALP, as well as a hands-on demonstration of the iDirect system.


Explaining to CDF the result of integrating ALP into training and the benefits it garnered.


Guiding CDF through the vehicle guiding scenario of iDirect.


Dr Robert A. Reiser, one of the key speakers of the SAF Learning Symposium, reading up on the ALP.


Explaining to the "Vehicle Commander" about the expected driver's action

The SAF Learning Symposium is a memorable event for eLC as it marks the first exposure of iDirect to the wider community beyond IWF. And we are confident that this is just the beginning; because in eLC, learning never ends. We will continue to strive in the enhancement of our training methodologies and provide effective solutions to both our partners and clients.