eLC Retreat cum D&D

6th to 9th September 2013

Each year, every staff of eLC Pte Ltd, including our subsidiaries eLC Services Sdn Bhd and POWERdrive Pte Ltd, will come together to participate in the annual overseas retreat to take stock what we have achieved; reflect on the way ahead; and chart the path for the future. We also celebrate our achievements together with the families of our staff in the annual dinner and dance held on 31 Dec each year as well as to welcome the new year.

eLC turned 10 years old on 1 Sep 2013. We have come a long way to achieve a decade of successes. As a special treat for our staff and their families, eLC celebrated its 10th Anniversary by combining both the retreat and annual dinner and dance (D&D) into ONE BIG BANG at the beautiful Turi Beach Resort, Batam, Indonesia from 6-9 Sep 2013. So appropriately, the event was named "Party of the Decennium".


The 10 'R's Concept

The 4-day Retreat for all eLC staff was to Review on the past year, Reflect on what & why it had happened and Re-engineer for the future. We took the opportunity to Re-unite all members of eLC in our Team-building activities. At the party, we Reminiscence our past 10 years of success and let our hair down to Revel at the Party. The in-betweens was left for everyone to Rest, Relax & Re-charge.

A total of 131 party -goers embarked on their journey... including our 2 aunties that keep our office neat and clean.


The Family!

The Retreat's Annual General Meeting, comprising the Directors and Staff of eLC to Review, Reflect and Re-engineer our achievements, was successfully completed on the second day of the retreat and then the fun began! The Team-building activity prior to the D&D Re-united everyone in eLC. The games brought out the fighting spirit in mixed teams. Friendship was forged and bonds were further strengthen...


At night, the Staff, families, and guests Revel in the Party to celebrate our 10th Anniversary. We Reminiscence our 10 years of success in a special video produced by our very dear Chief Operating Officer, Ryan Foo. Far from being sombre, we all had such good laughs looking back at our humble beginnings and how we grew to where we are today. The BBQ seafood was sumptuous and we even had a live roast Lamb...



Everyone had so much fun. Even our Chief Executive Officer, Mr William Chua, stood up to dance to the beat of "Macarena" at his table, being a good sport for his team's battle in the table games.


One of the highlights of the Party was the cutting of our 3-tiered birthday cake at exactly 10:10:10pm and the sky lighted up with a tremendous outburst of fireworks to mark the party of a decennium.

But it did not stop there. To cap off an already wonderful night, we had a fantastic lucky draw comprising of both cash prizes and additional leave days which were won by every single staff present, including a grand prize of S$10,000!


The lucky winner of the Grand Lucky Draw Prize - Laurence!

After the celebrations, the staff and their families had the next 2 days to Rest, Relax & Re-charge. Some went out to town to shop, some took part in the resort's many water sports, some went golfing, while others simply retreat to the resort spa for a nice massage.

"Everyone returned home safely with a big smile on their faces. It was indeed an event to mark the work hard, play hard motto of eLCians for the past decade and for many more decades to come!" remarked Event Chairman, Mr Allan Tang.