eLC Holdings Retreat @ Subic Bay

5th - 8th September 2014


"Yeah or Boo? Yeah or Boo?" was often heard during this year's Company Retreat. Mr. William Chua, CEO, eLC Holdings, creatively came up with it to signify 'Good or No Good', and of course, there were a lot of "YEAHS!" throughout the entire Company Retreat.

eLC's 11th Company Retreat was held in Vista Marina, Subic Bay, Philippines.. Yes! Philippines! For this year's Retreat, as usual, with the generosity of our company, the whole resort was reserved for us! Yeah! Just for us! 4 days, 3 nights of exclusive services only for us. Are you jealous already?

After checking into our rooms, and you know what's next? FREE and EASY! All were excited about Subic Bay and had lots of fun on the very 1st day! Shopping, food, massage, drinks and of course, the arena where 'Gods and Goddesses of Gamblers' were born, the CASINO!

Day 2, eLC conducted the AGM in the morning where our CEO and Respective Business Unit (BU) Heads presented the company's progression and future visions, and also challenges and key focuses for the year ahead.

With the conclusion for the 1st Part of the AGM, we then had sumptuous lunch in the Resort restaurant. The food was Yeah! And F&B Lead Member, Elyn Kwek will be proud to say: "The food sure good lah! Boss and we tried 1st mah, before being served to you!"

Next on the program, the one event that everyone is waiting for TEAM BUILDING! With this year's Team Building Lead member, Senthil Nathan, you can rest assured, it will be just fun, fun and more FUN! Although the rain brought down the tempo of the last game, nothing can dampen the eLC's spirit which is always way up high!

After washing up and a timely rest, dinner was served! Beckoned with buffet style dinner in the Resort Bar and Restaurant, filling our stomachs with local specialty such as Roasted Pork, Barbecued meats, quenched our thirst with beers, and accompanied with their local dance group doing FIRE BREATHING! It's an awesome night getting together, for chats, mingles, and connecting with new 'family members'.

Day 3 was the Part 2 of the AGM. Instead of the BU Heads presenting again, eLC preceded with our very own BAR, DAR, PAR (using the 3-2-1 Summarization Technique), allowing some of our colleagues to present to the large crowd. "Good thing no cheap, cheap thing no good", our very own quote by Chief Technology Officer, Chai, was heard again! But it came from our new colleague, Levon Lu! After the AGM, you guessed it! Free & Easy! Yes, again!


The 4th day is a day where all of us left this wonderful place called Vista Marina. Being an excellent host in Subic Bay, eLC thanked them for the great services rendered. After bidding goodbye, it was time to head back home. This whole journey of the Company Retreat was fun-filled with excitement, laughter, joy and most importantly, bonding of the eLCians!