Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation & Education Conference (I/ITSEC)

Orlando, Florida

30th November - 8th December 2014


As a dynamic company in the training and learning industry, eLC is constantly looking to enhance learning through the use of technology. With that, attending I/ITSEC enables us to have a wider exposure in technological advancements around the world in learning and training.

2014 marked our 12th annual journey to I/ITSEC and as usual, a team of 6 from eLC flew halfway across the world to Orlando, Florida.

"Opportunity comes once in a lifetime. Neither the multiple flight changes, nor the gruelling 24 hours journey deter us from looking forward to our week of learning at I/ITSEC" enthused Jackie Peh, POWERdrive.

Upon arrival, the team settled into our usual home away from home for this week in December i.e. Marriot Vacation Club Grande Vista. In preparation for the conference, the team also had a discussion on the paper sessions and exhibits to attend before turning in for the night.



Our focus this year is to come away from the conference withinnovative ideas that could be helpful to both us and our clients in training requirements. On Day 1 of I/ITSEC, the team registered for the passes and go forth in search of inspiration. In this 3-days conference, there are hundreds of paper sessions and exhibits to participate and/or view. With such a huge array of fascinating displays of technologies and innovations, not to mention many of which allowed us to experiment with, it was a great experience checking off the list of must-views for the 3 days.

Out of the many exhibits that the team explored, there are two standouts. One is OMNIFINITY, which is a mission exercise for Infantry soldiers and Special Forces to do real time rehearsals in a virtual environment. The other is an Eye Tracking Device, which the team thought will be a valuable enhancement for our sister company, POWERdrive, to use as a safety aspect while conducting driving lessons.

All in all, we accomplished our brief and after the conference closed, headed off to R&R!



In eLC, when you work hard, you play harder! Orlando is a wonderful place to have fun, with nice weather (at that time of year), many places to eat and shop, and also great theme parks. For one, the Universal Studies in Orlando was MIND-BLOWING. The team got to enjoy The Wizarding World of HARRY POTTER, with rides on the Hogwarts Express, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey (to name a few), drinking Butter Beers, and shopping themselves silly. It definitely ended the Orlando leg of the trip on a sweet note.

For the NEW YORK leg of the trip, despite the chilly weather, the team manage to explore touristy places like the 'Statue of Liberty', 'Times Square', et cetera.

"This I/ITSEC Trip had opened up my mind on the impact of technology and innovation in the world. Overall it was an amazing eye-opener" - James Joshua, eLC-TARMS.