TARMS Cohesion @ ORTO

18th Jun 2015

The quarterly cohesion between TARMS partners, eLC and eServ, was always an enjoyable event to look forward to. This quarter, it was held on 18th June 2015 at ORTO where drinks and bites (pun intended) accompanied the catching up between both parties.


@ ORTO (Multi-recreational park)

The evening kicked off with a briefing for the friendly prawning competition, with points given to color tagged prawns and the total number/weight of prawns caught.


Competing for bites!

As the objective was to have fun, the competition ended with no losers and the caught prawns were cooked and shared amongst everyone.


Bites galore!

With delicious bites accompanied by cooling drinks and friendly banter, the evening flew by and draws to a close at 11pm. Everyone went home with a satisfied belly and a smile.


"This was a fun evening! Not only did we have the chance to catch up with our colleagues from other TIs over a drink and a bite, we get the opportunity to see them in prawning action too!" commented James G Joshua, Ag Dy Hd TA, MTI-TARMS.