eLC's New-found Celebrity?

20th Mar 2016

Featured in Singapore's online newspaper TODAY is none other than eLC's very own Lee Kuan Yew when the nation went in search for the other LKYs, a year after Singapore's infamous Prime Minister passed away.

Excerpt from TODAY said, "As far as household names go, there's none bigger in Singapore than Lee Kuan Yew. In 2014, about a year before Mr Lee's death on March 23 last year, they embarked on a project to find and photograph at least 15 of Singapore's "other Lee Kuan Yews" as part of a book project to mark the country's golden jubilee."

The photographers combed through data the old-fashion way and found eLC's one and only Operation and Inspectorate Lead, Mr. Benedict Lee Kuan Yew (57).

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"It is a little bit hard to carry his name, but I would say I carry it my way," said Mr Benedict Lee.