Sharing Session: Sun Zi's Art of War

13th June 2016

It was a relaxing Monday after working hours in eLC as eLCians welcomed the company's consultant, Mr. Lim Liat to the new office and provided a sharing session on Sun Zi's Art of War.


Mr. Lim shared Sun Zi's attitudes of "Outside-In", "Threats before Opportunities", "Complete Calculations based on Intelligence" and advised to only start a war (start up or invest) when the computation shows a winning score!

He further delved into choosing the markets where one can have the strengths whereas the giants have none, how to create viral effect by riding the waves of seasonal trends, take into account terrain (market) advantages with prospects' desires and application of various design strategies with TOWS and NOT SWOT.


Sharing session


Discussion on sharing


One-word summarization by eLCians on the sharing

"Mr. Lim's sharing provided me fresh ideas in strategic planning and prioritizing tasks professionally. I am glad to have been a participant in this sharing session and would encourage those who haven't read Mr. Lim's sharing online, to read it. He has a blog and shared extensively on interpreting Chinese philosophers and the application to life/business," commented Senior Software Specialist, Laurence Zhang.