eLC Holdings In-house Tetramap Training

18th November 2016


This 1-day workshop was conducted for the newly joined eLC staff by none other than our very own CEO William Chua. All newbies arrived at Yishun Safra bright eyes, bushy-tailed and eagerly waiting for the hearsay fun workshop.

Briefly, Tetramap is a tool for personality assessment. It helps individual better understand themselves and how to work better with others. In this workshop, the workbook "Why Are You Like That" was used. TetraMap uses nature as a metaphor. It maps nature into four basic elements to look at human behaviour, describing different human characteristics. All of us have the four elements - just in varying degrees. By understanding the differences, we can significantly improve our communication with others, thereby enhancing our relationships.

Here's an overview of what each individual element stands for:

    • Earth - like to take action, are decisive facts driven and goal oriented
    • Air - like clarity, are logical, orderly and focus on improvement
    • Water - like to focus on relationships, are considerate, caring and supportive
    • Fire - like possibilities, thinking of the future, leaving a legacy and making a positive difference.

Suresh Gumar, IDT Consultant of eLC proclaimed, "I think the Tetramap is great. It is an awesome yet simple tool in providing the depth of clarity to understand differences in human behaviour."


Trainees in action! The pole game - to promote team work and communication


Discussion and presentation of class activity