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At eLC, we look into the needs of the individual
employee and promote personal growth and
development. If you are prepared to take up the
challenge in the areas below, please reach out.

Instructional Design Team

The Instructional Design Team looks into the pedagogy, or the learning experience, and the ways to enhance and encourage learning. For courseware development, the Instructional Designers will look into the user interface and various aspects of the user learning experience, perfecting them to give users the best learning experience.

Apart from that, the Instructional Design Team is also responsible for software training and enquiries from our clients regarding our products, services and consultancy.

Multimedia Team

Under the Multimedia Team, Creative Designers looks into the graphic development and enhancement. Using the best software in the market for each type of graphic, from still pictures to 2D and 3D animations, we deliver picture-perfect and smooth-flowing graphics and animations suitable to our clients' requirement.

Software Engineers work hand-in-hand with the Instructional Designers and Creative Designers to complete projects with interactivities, enhancing the user experience as required by our clients. Striving to deliver the best, bug-free and smooth-running projects for our clients.

Driving Trainer

Driving trainers are responsible to provide training on various types of vehicles through Theoretical and Practical lessons, equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge to be a competent and safe motorist.

The role requires at least 3 years of driving experience. Candidates must possess a Class 3 license (Class 4 will be advantageous) with no demerit points in the past 36 months.