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Our Services

eLearning Content Development

Developing customised eLearning materials have been our core business since the launch of our company. We help our clients create client-defined courseware content in accordance with good instructional and information design principles, ensuring our clients receive an interactive and user-friendly courseware.

eLC adopts proprietary rapid prototyping methodology to work hand-in-hand with our clients, to develop customised eLearning contents that satisfy the client's requirements. eLC believes in using the Rapid Prototype Modelling (RPM) as our content development methodology so as to zero in on the faults and to gather valuable feedback in the early stages of courseware development. This significantly reduces the time we spend on content development as well as on our ability to meet our client's requirements. This also ensures that our clients are always aware of what they can expect as development progresses. We strictly adhere to the practice of rapid prototyping, thus ensuring our clients always receive the best courseware.

Some of our different eLearning interactive contents are:
  • Basic instructional training guides (Level 1 courseware)
  • Scenario-based guides (Level 2 and 3 courseware)
  • Scenario-based simulations
  • Video-based simulations

Instructional Design and Software Training

At eLC, we offer comprehensive training programmes in both instructional design and our products. Our training objective is simple: To enable our clients to use our products independently, in the shortest time possible to create courseware that are instructionally sound and grounded in learning pedagogies.

Our training programmes are carried out by professional trainers, who are experienced users of our products and well-versed in teaching and training. We also offer additional material support should the training requires it.

Our clients include schools and institutes of higher learning, MNCs, government departments and local enterprises.

The training we offer is for:
  • Instructional Design
  • Lectora products
  • Articulate products
  • SWiSH products

Creative Design and Multimedia Consultancy

eLC also offers solutions for your graphical or GUI (Graphical User Interface) needs. Using Concept Modelling coupled with strategic and effective display strategies, we offer suitable graphics catered to client's needs and user-friendly GUI for easy use and navigation through our client's courseware and other solutions.

Our expertise includes:
  • Conceptual design and modeling, where strategic concepts are depicted visually in a engaging, story-like manner
  • Hand-drawn illustrations
  • 2D & 3D animations
  • Video and post-editorial services
In terms of Programming, a "Sound, Robust and Secure" system is what our programming expertise provides. Churning out the most appropriate solution in the shortest possible time without compromising stability or security that goes above and beyond the expectations of our clients is always the priority.